Friday, April 06, 2007


Okay, folks. I do not like my template. And I do not like my blogger template options. And I just checked out wordpress (whose templates are waaaaay prettier), and I immediately became SERIOUSLY STRESSED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I can't believe that this is bothering me so much. I mean, I really didn't think that blogging and I were such close pals that the notion of switching things would cause me anxiety.

I am thinking of doing the dot-com thing, but I frankly wouldn't even know how to begin with that.

So. Here's the question: what do you all use, how do you create your templates, and SHOULD I REALLY BE FEELING LIKE SUCH A FREAK OF NATURE RIGHT NOW?????????????

I need an Easter miracle. And some advice.


Maliavale said...

Deep breath! Woo-sah! I had Maryann help me lots and lots and lots. I use WP and love it, but it wasn't intuitive to set up a dot-com.

So! If you decide to stick with Blogger, you can always modify the templates. Like change the colors, the fonts, your masthead, etc. That's pretty simple. We can discuss if you like.

As far as the freak of nature part, methinks the blog freakout is not really about the blog? Again with the deep breaths.

Jurgen Nation said...

WORDPRESS IS AWESOME. Lots of people, including me, can help you if you decide to switch!

Also, have you only looked on Blogger templates? There are a ton of free resources out there with templates for Blogger.

HKW said...

Ones blog has the potential to reflect who they are. With this in mind, it's totally acceptable to freak out over.

I work in the technology industry, so I often feel ashamed my blog uses a standard template and lacks customization. Let me know what you find out!